The Wing House - Or Should We Say “The Plane House”?


Though the original idea wasn’t to build a house out of a plane, The Wing House is constructed from a Boeing 747-200.  This particular commercial airliner provides over 17,000 cubic feet of cargo space.  With so much space, it is being used to build six structures in addition to the main residence, including a guest house and animal barn.

Outside Los Angeles, on a 55-acre property, large sections of a 747 are becoming Francine’s dream home.  At first it was going to be just the wings, supported on rammed-earth walls cut into the hillsides.  However, instead of purchasing one of the over 3,000 airplanes that have been abandoned in California just for the wings, the decision was made to use the fuselage as well.  At $8,000 an hour, helicopters flew pieces of the plane to the site.

In building so close to LAX, the roof needed to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and each piece needed to be marked with a big red ‘X’ so that pilots won't mistake it for a plane that has gone down in a crash.  Homeland Security even paid a visit to the build site when they noticed the architects were asking a lot of questions about the structural integrity of such a large passenger aircraft.

Architects can play a major role in stewardship over land use, as well as building materials.  This self-sustainable construction in the hills of Malibu, California,  will be 100% post-consumer material.  The airplane being used was designed for efficiency, and now so is this house.



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